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5 Ways to Add a Special Personal Touch to Your Wedding

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

A great way to make your wedding one that they’ll all remember is adding those special personal touches. So, how can couples include their mutual passions or hobbies in cute but not-too-cheesy ways? Here are five fun ideas that are sure to give guests a wedding experience that incorporates something special about you as a couple.

1. Blending Favorites

Why not add something that your groom loves to your beautiful bouquet? You can wrap the flowers in pages from his favorite book or set his favorite action figures next to the centerpieces, says Nick Price of TriFocus Media.

2. Guest Book Into a Keepsake

Play upon one of your passions using the guestbook. An aviation-obsessed couple asked guests to sign an airplane propeller that they could later hang on their wall, while another couple had guests sign plates to hang in their dining room. Music lovers could ask guest to sign their guitar or create lyrics. The idea is to use something that interests you and doubles as home decor!

3. Song Call

Music is a great way to personalize the event and the cocktail hour is the ideal time to do it. You can play tunes from favorite music festivals, concerts or Broadway shows, says Fabrice of Orlando of Cocoon Events Management Group. Or, if you love the same movies, choose some sounds from the soundtrack and use it for your grand entry and exit.

4. Tap Your Food Favorites

There are a number of ways of incorporating shared food interests into your wedding meal, including how you name the dishes (or drinks) or the stations. The meal itself could take guests on a journey, whether it’s about a specific region of the world or a way of preparing food inspired by a book or film, says Jamie Chang of Passport to Joy. If you have a favorite restaurant or family recipe, consider gifting your guests the spice blend or baking mix to recreate that yummy at home. Or, opt for a healthy alternative if that's what you're into, like a juice bar, and fruit kebabs at the reception.

5. Family As Art Work

We may be a little bias. Of course we love the idea of a family tree displayed at a wedding! With the bride and groom names along side their parents and grandparents, weaved into a beautiful floral tree, you can’t go wrong. It looks great displayed in a fantastic frame as guests enter your venue. But, you can get create and print the design on napkins, guest bags, even your invites and thank you cards. Your tree will give that personal touch that quest will long remember.

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